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If you have a question, please check here first as it may already have been answered.

1.  Aren't consultants expensive?
2.  How can I find out more without committing myself?
3.  How can you guarantee results?
4.  How do you charge for your services?
5.  I can get business support and advice for free from Business Link for example, why should I pay for it?
6.  I’ve had X number of years in my field, I doubt anyone else can tell me anything new. So why would I waste money on a business advisor or consultant?
7.  What services do you offer?

1.   Aren't consultants expensive?
A good consultant should not be expensive to your business overall. The cost of engaging a consultant is relative to the benefits derived from them, and a good consultant will be able to add value to your business.

The Real IMPACT programme was specially designed to minimise the cost to the business especially at its most financially vulnerable time during the early years.

2.   How can I find out more without committing myself?
Please contact us directly or send us your details requesting us to contact you to arrange a free visit, with no obligation, to discuss the benefits of having a business advisor working in your business, you’ll not be committing yourself to anything.

You can also contact us to discuss the programmes we have available and which most likely meet the needs of your business and yourself. Again, you will not be committing yourself nor will we be trying to sell to you, we know what it’s like for you and you need to come to your own conclusion about what is right for your business.

Don’t forget that we also promote the free services offered by Business Link etc where appropriate. We are also able to identify and source grants and funding on your behalf.

3.   How can you guarantee results?
Within The Better Business Alliance the directors have over 40 years of relevant business experience. We have worked in many different industries and within businesses of many different sizes. With this perspective along with relevant business qualifications and accreditations we are able to identify the key areas that need attention in order to achieve success. We are also aware of the many pitfalls that can lead to failure within smaller organisations.

This gives us the confidence to be able to give a valuable financial guarantee. The guarantee also commits us to your business; it is in our interest for you to succeed.

4.   How do you charge for your services?
All businesses and client requirements are different, so we have to assess our client\'s needs carefully depending on the type of work, the length of project, the amount of supporting resource that can be provided by the client.

The Real IMPACT programme with a modest monthly payment over 3 years is often the chosen method for our smaller clients.

If this is too long for you then we can offer the same sort of programme but over 1 or 2 years. With most of out time put in upfront, the cost is spread over a shorter period so the monthly payments are slightly higher.

Larger businesses, requiring a larger investment of time may be happy to employ our services on a project by project basis or on an hourly or daily rate. We can always adapt our services and payment methods to meet our client’s needs.

5.   I can get business support and advice for free from Business Link for example, why should I pay for it?
We do recommend you take advantage of the free services that organisations like Business Link provide; indeed we work closely with them to keep up to date on their initiatives so that we can recommend them to our clients. If they meet all your needs for advice then fine; you do not need us.

Many businesses have, however found that they need a business advisor that will be more pro-active for their business and that is committed to success over a longer period of time than Business Link can provide.
With the Real IMPACT programme we are focused on our clients’ needs and not the business community as a whole, so in addition to acting as ambassadors for our clients we also look out for benefits and opportunities that are relevant to them, acting as additional entrepreneurial eyes and ears helping our clients to stay one step ahead. Also our input into your company is designed to avoid problems in the first place which is far more effective and profitable than going to get advice after the problem has hit!

It is also strange but true that people value and are more likely to put into effect advice that has been paid for rather than advice that has been provided free, which makes paid-for advice more effective than that provided by free agencies, no matter how excellent the advice may have been.

The following lists some of the most common reasons for seeking business advice:
• help to ensure good financial management
• provide an independent professional view from outside the organisation
• help develop business plans and business strategy
• help to implement change – of any description
• help with recruitment
• act as trouble-shooters
• assist in developing marketing and sales strategies
• act as a 'sounding board' for owner managers
• coaching, mentoring and general business advice
• specialist advice such as Health & Safety, COSHH, ISO9000-2000 etc
• help management develop or implement new systems
• exit strategy planning

6.   I’ve had X number of years in my field, I doubt anyone else can tell me anything new. So why would I waste money on a business advisor or consultant?
We recognise and respect the fact that you are likely to be the expert in your field. However it is a rare exception to be an expert in all aspects of running any business, this is why large successful businesses are run by management boards with specialist skills.

What makes a strong, successful, and highly profitable business is not purely the technical excellence in relation to your offering, nor is it just the entrepreneurship or management and people skills, but the right combination of all three.

Business advisers, by virtue of their business knowledge and experience and the fact that they are an impartial ‘third party’, are ideally placed to provide an objective view and differentiate between emotional involvement and good business sense. In addition a good advisor will act as an ambassador for your business as well as an extra pair of eyes and ears helping to spot opportunities or developments or changes in your market.

7.   What services do you offer?
We operate on a trully holistic basis which means we take in to consideration every aspect of your business as well as you and your team's involvement. There is rarely one simple answer to any problem in business.

Through all of our programmes we can provide you with advice and support on areas such as:

• Cash management
• Management accounting
• Marketing and how to further develop your market
• People and recruitment
• Customers
• Time management
• Personal development and training
• Contacts and networking with well in excess of 12,000 suppliers, customers, and experts from around the world.
• Human resources issues
• Health and safety
• Quality standards

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