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Do you remember when you first started in business for yourself?


How did you feel?  Recognise any of the following?


·        Enthusiasm

·        Freedom

·        Independence

·        Excitement

·        Highly motivated

·        Sure that it was easy money

·        Confident yet a little uncertain

·        Optimistic


How long was it before reality set in?


 How do you feel now; any of the following?


1.     Not got time to think about it – too busy

2.     Worried

3.     Uncertain

4.     Fearful

5.     Wondering what to do next

6.     Wish I had never started in business

7.     Spending too much time “in” the business

8.     Not spending enough time “on” the business

9.     Find you are paid less than you can get as an employee

10. Just so very tired

11. Lacking enthusiasm

12. Lacking Motivation


Has that initial spark gone out?


If so we in The Better Business Alliance can help you to re-light it and help you to deliver to your original vision.


Just connect to the link and answer the questionnaire to see whether or not you qualify for the Real IMPACT programme.

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