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Here are a few of the good things that our clients have been saying about us:

"Since signing up for the Real IMPACT program I now find I can manage all my ideas with control and gain a larger company's methods and organisational structures with regard to Time Management, Delegation and Planning Skills allowing me and my team more time for the organisation, operate with the quick response necessary to succeed and take up opportunities within the rapidly changing and legatine business environment.

Rather than having the business and the operaing environment manage me!

I would be very happy to recommend the Real IMPACT Program from TBBA to anyone who wishes to be more succesful with their business and who desires to have the time to innovate and pan for the future."  

Mr A J Hill, Director, Linacre Hospitality and Leisure Ltd


Not only has The Better Business Alliance allowed us to tap into a wealth of experience we could not have normally afforded, nor had access to, but, and more importantly, Peter and Gabriel have given us the focus and discipline to help ourselves. It’s all about making the most of every pound spent and optimising every opportunity. The first six months of any launch is a critical time and I certainly feel more confident having TBBA in my corner.”


Andy Thomas, Managing Director and co-founder


"Gabriel was the gift that was sent through to my business while I was in the process of setting up for launch.  At the time I was not sure what would come out of the relationship and how he could possibly help me. I am a highly nervous person whom is very protective of business intelligence.  

In a very short period of time he was able to see my actual status in a manner that I was unable.  When setting up for launch one assumes all aspects have been considered.  This is usually not the case as a blinkered approach leaves both simple and complicated stones unturned.  Gabriel got my team and myself together and ran over every aspect.  I was under the impression we were all working to the same goal. I was wrong!  Gabriel is able to listen and understand even through a quickly expanding business and highlights possible pitfalls with solutions.  His approach covers everything from marketing to safety and security not to forget financial.

He is my rock and upon speaking with other businesses appears to be theirs as well.  I am totally confident and comfortable with Gabriel knowing every aspect of my business.  He is remarkable in making one feel it is just your business he helps with.  I feel I would never have achieved my launch date with such a professional image without him." 

Sophie Jones, MD, Creative Adhesives Ltd



“IMPACT gave me the tools, the confidence and the practical advice to turn my business around.  With a clear route to success I can focus on the positive actions that make things happen – and it shows on my bottom line" – A. Bolton, Marketing Consultant

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