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Gabriel Bowen

Gabriel Bowen


Having worked in hands-on roles in a number of different commercial environments and a wide variety of customers (and staff) I have developed a strong skill set ideal for helping businesses achieve their goals.  I also have the key ability to quickly grasp a sound knowledge and understanding of the challenges and problems faced by a business.


Relevance of Employed Career

The ability to understand people, markets, operations, situations and strategy and how best to implement beneficial change most effectively is a key skill for a good business advisor.  My skills in this area are evidenced by the rapid promotions and/or large pay increases I was awarded whilst working for large organisations such as with Our Price Music, Uniqueair Cellular Communications, Morse Plc and Derby University, and SME sector businesses such as Engineering Technology, World Leisure Marketing.  I was regularly praised for being a people and business focused Accountant and not just a ‘numbers’ man.


Application of Skills

With the knowledge, experience, aptitude for business and ability to communicate all of this very successfully to non-finance and non-business people, I decided to make greater use of my talents and resources by becoming a business advisor and consultant, helping were help is needed the most.


Operating as a Very Capable Business Advisor

Since setting up as a Management Consultant I have worked with 15 businesses directly in the SME sector, helping them with the following areas (either directly or by recognising the need for expertise and sourcing the relevant input):

  • Business strategy and goals
  • Creating good quality and realistic business plans
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing programme
  • Time management
  • Financial management
  • Cash flow management
  • Effective business focus
  • People management
  • Personal development
  • Team building
  • Risk Management
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Business efficiencies
  • Grants and funding


It is my passion and love of business and commerce that helps drive me to be as effective as possible for my clients; as a Management Consultant there is little to be had if you’re not good at understanding others' perspectives and points of view and communicating your knowledge, information and skills to business owners empathetically.

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